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Churchill Taxation Wins at Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2017

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Churchill Taxation Wins at Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2017

We are pleased and very proud to announce that we have won Best New Tax Practice at Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2017! We would like to thank all our clients and contacts for their support and without whom this would not

Paying Dividends

For many years owner managed businesses have had a fairly stable system of taxation at shareholder level.  Most business owners pay themselves a reasonable level of salary but they also have the option of extracting profits from the company by …

Buy-to-let Woes

In the Summer Budget last year the Chancellor announced that the government would be tackling the perceived unfairness that landlords were able to claim interest relief at their highest marginal rate whilst individuals who own their own homes were unable …


As most people will be aware by now, the challenge by HMRC to the EBTs set up by Glasgow Rangers has failed at the Upper-Tier Tribunal.

The challenge was to the tax-free loans that were made to players and staff.

Are Trusts Dead?

For many years there has been a consistent attack on trusts from the tax man (or should that be tax persons?!). There is a perception that trusts are simply used for tax planning purposes and as such the more attacks

It’s been an Icebreaker

It’s been an interesting few days. Yet again tax avoidance has been in the press, all over the TV. Everyone has an opinion.

Gary Barlow was “found guilty” (as one paper put it) of investing in a product that had

Are we in danger of moving goal posts again? And hoping no-one notices?

Most people probably haven’t taken a lot of notice of what has been happening in the ‘offshore’ arena with regards to the new proposed charges on residential property.

If you haven’t, then just a little recap here as it might

Is tax mitigation immoral?

I am morally repugnant – according to the chancellor.  Well, I don’t think he was talking about me personally.  But the comment was aimed at tax advisers who assist clients in minimising their tax liabilities.

I have never been a

Trusts and Estates

We can prepare trust tax returns, trust accounts and provide general advice for trustees and executors including completing Inheritance Tax forms for trusts and estates. We can also deal with all HMRC enquiries in relation to trust and estates.


Tax Return Preparation

Whether you require a basic tax return or have more complex affairs, we are able to provide a tailored service to suit your needs.

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